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Target Hogs: Most Targeted Players Week 2

Welcome back to Target Hogs! If you missed last week’s edition, click here. There are some new faces in this week’s edition and a few surprising receivers who didn’t make the list. Check it out below and as always, hit me up with any thoughts or questions on Twitter, at @katiebabs23.

  1. JuJu Smith-Schuster (18 targets)

Last week: Not on list

JuJu didn’t even make the list last week, yet here he is, at the top of the charts. Big Ben targeted JuJu 18 times on Sunday as the Pittsburgh Steelers tried to catch up to the nearly unstoppable Kansas City Chiefs’ offense. JuJu converted his targets into 13 receptions for 121 yards and one touchdown. On a day when the Roethlisberger-to-Brown connection just wasn’t adding up, JuJu stepped in and helped keep the Steelers in the game. Smith-Schuster’s touchdown was a dazzling toe-tap on the inside of the goal-line where he opted to keep his celebration minimal, which is a rarity for him. Don’t count on JuJu getting anywhere near this many targets on a consistent basis – Antonio Brown is still number one in Pittsburgh’s book.

2. Antonio Brown (16 targets)

Last week: #3

AB saw 16 targets in Pittsburgh’s loss but wasn’t able to produce in his normal fashion. His nine catches for 67 yards would be an okay day for an average receiver, which makes it a disappointing one for Brown. He usually operates at an elite level, but anyone who watched the game could see that he and Ben Roethlisberger were not on the same page. On one drive alone, Roethlisberger targeted him twice but overthrew the ball both times. Expect AB to bounce back next week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football.

3. Allen Robinson III (14 targets)

Last week: not on list

Robinson led the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football with 14 targets, even though he didn’t secure any in the end zone. Robinson caught 10 passes for 83 yards and caught all four of his slot targets. Fantasy managers that worried about his return from a torn ACL can breathe a sigh of relief. Look for Robinson to dominate next week against the lowly Arizona Cardinals.

4-5. Michael Thomas & Adam Thielen (13 targets)

Thomas last week: #2

Thielen last week: #7

These two were unstoppable on Sunday, both reigning in 12 of their 13 targets. Thomas converted those catches into 83 yards and two touchdowns, while Thielen mustered 131 yards and one touchdown. Thielen had a big day in the slot, catching all seven of his slot targets. Michael Thomas was more efficient, though, posting 2.47 yards per route run to Thielen’s 1.36 yards per route run.

Those with Thielen on their fantasy teams are practically drooling over his matchup with the Buffalo Bills in Week 3. Expect him to be near the top of the list next week.

Thomas also has a favorable matchup against the Atlanta Falcons, who have lost a few key defensive players to injury already this season.

6-8. Stefon Diggs, Mike Evans, Davante Adams (12 targets)

Diggs last week: Not on list

Evans last week: Not on list

Adams last week: Not on list

Stefon Diggs had a monstrous day on Sunday even though the Vikings couldn’t pull out the win (side note: the NFL seriously needs to revisit this overtime rule. No professional football game should end in a tie). Diggs secured nine catches for 128 yards and two touchdowns to help the Vikings complete the “almost” comeback. Averaging 14.2 yards per catch, Diggs was carving up the Pack defense as he avoided two tackles, posting an impressive 5.0 yards after contact. Again, the Vikings face Buffalo next week, so expect to see Diggs near the top of this list for Week 3.

Mike Evans found the end zone once and hauled in 10 catches for 83 yards as the Buccaneers kept up their hot offense in week two. With FitzMagic behind the wheel, anything can happen. The Bucs face the Steelers on Monday night in week three. Mark my words: that game will be a high-scoring shootout. Play all your offensive Bucs and Steelers (and if you play in a league with DST, avoid either defense).

Everyone was worried about Davante Adams this week. Between his shoulder injury, his quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ knee injury, and drawing coverage from star cornerback Xavier Rhodes, most fantasy managers were wary of playing Adams. Those who kept the faith were rewarded by his eight catches for 64 yards and a touchdown. Adams had opportunities for an even bigger day but was called for offensive pass interference on a big play.

9-12. DeAndre Hopkins, Quincy Enunwa, Demaryius Thomas, Golden Tate (11 targets)

Hopkins last week: #8

Enunwa last week: #18

Thomas last week: #13

Tate last week: #8

Hopkins hauled in six catches for 110 yards and one touchdown. Although Deshaun Watson is still struggling a bit, Hopkins still managed to post a good stat line for his fantasy managers. Hopkins amassed an enormous 18.3 yards per reception and helped to keep the struggling Texans in the game. Houston will face the New York Giants next week, which could shape up to be an interesting matchup between two teams that have both been struggling on offense.

Enunwa is back on the list again this week, managing to move up a few spots. The growing rapport between Enunwa and rookie QB Sam Darnold is apparent, and only getting stronger. Enunwa caught seven passes for 92 yards last week, posting an average of 13.1 yards per reception and 2.42 yards per route run. The stats don’t lie: Enunwa needs to be owned if he’s somehow still available in your league. The Jets take on the Cleveland Browns this Thursday.

Thomas was a surprising one on the list this week because he wasn’t able to produce much out of his 11 targets. Only hauling in five catches, Thomas posted a measly 18 yards. The Broncos play the Baltimore Ravens next, who allowed AJ Green to go off for three touchdowns against them, so look for Thomas to bounce back.

13-17. Amari Cooper, John Brown, Nelson Agholor, Michael Crabtree, TY Hilton (10 targets)

Cooper last week: Not on list

Brown last week: Not on list

Agholor last week: #13

Crabtree last week: Not on list

Hilton last week: #13

Cooper had a huge week for the Raiders even though they couldn’t pull out the win. Catching all ten of his targets, Cooper amassed 116 yards and an incredible 3.74 yards per route run. Next week the Raiders take on the Miami Dolphins, who have been a surprisingly formidable defense thus far. Time will tell if Cooper’s usage was a fluke or a trend that’s here to stay.

John Brown also had ten targets but was only able to haul in four of them. The fault wasn’t all his own though, as some of them were not even close to catchable. Brown found the end zone once and added 92 yards receiving, with a massive 23 yards per reception. Hopefully Brown will be able to keep producing with that type of efficiency for the Ravens as they take on the Denver Broncos this week.

Nelson Agholor stepped up again for the Eagles, converting eight catches into 88 yards and a touchdown. Agholor has been a bright spot in Alshon Jeffery’s absence. With Carson Wentz returning as the starter this week, Agholor’s stock should rise a bit as the Eagles take on the Indianapolis Colts.

Michael Crabtree caught five of his ten targets for 56 yards. Crabtree and John Brown make an interesting receiving tandem for the Ravens. The problem with these two is Joe Flacco’s accuracy. If that improves (or the Ravens make a switch at quarterback), they both have potential to be elite receivers this year.

TY Hilton was the one bright spot for most Indianapolis fans on Sunday as the star receiver caught seven passes for 83 yards and one touchdown. The Colts have plenty of problems with their running game and offensive line, so expect Hilton to be more of a boom or bust type player this year than ever before. TY amassed 11.9 yards per reception and posted 2.68 yards per route run. Be wary of him in Week 3 against a strong Philadelphia Eagles defense.

Honorable Mention: Saquon Barkley, Chris Thompson, Christian McCaffrey (14 targets)

These three running backs were all extremely efficient this week, with Barkley and CMC hauling in all 14 of their targets, and Thompson not far behind with 13 catches. These running backs have proven that they have sure hands and excel in pass catching. Barkley amassed 80 yards, CMC had 92, and Thompson gained 102 receiving yards.


Check back next week for the newest edition of Target Hogs!


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