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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This week, I thought I would serve up flex options a little differently. As we have 3 games to enjoy on this lovely holiday I’m picking my my top flex options from each matchup to give to help you set those lineups early. There will be food related puns, just to keep it festive.

Washington @ Dallas:

This classic holiday matchup brings with it some tasty flex options. Dallas’ secondary has been shaken up with injuries allowing the possibility for success in the opposition’s passing game. Meanwhile, Washington has allowed 12 running backs to score this season. These defenses have struggled as of late and will be the catalyst to fantasy points in their opposing offenses.

Robert Kelley is now a must start, which is why he’s missing in the flex options slot. In my book, he should be securely in your RB2 slot. Unless you’re lucky enough to have multiple top RBs then by all means keep him in your flex position. The Redskins have allowed 4.6 yards per carry to opposing teams this season, so you can bet Kelley will be gobbling up yards.

Jamison Crowder WAS WR
Crowder has scored a touchdown in his last 3 games, and 4 in his last 5. He’s on the rise in yards, points and most importantly: consistency. Last week Crowder saw 60% of the team’s total snaps, he’s also leading the receiving core in total yards and touchdowns for the season.

Cole Beasley DAL WR
For PPR purposes, I like Beasley. Prescott has fed him with consistent targets since week 5 and Beasley’s skill in the slot position allow him to find openings for those targets. It’s also helpful to know that Beasley is right behind Dez in snap share. Last week Beasley saw 62% of the team’s total snaps.

Minnesota @ Detroit:

This is shaping up to be a cold one and a tough defensive battle between these divisional rivals. They are both at 6-4 in the standings and will look to edge the other out for top spot in NFC North. Both teams have have proven their strengths this season and this game will be no different. Here we’re looking for the playmakers, the guys who will find a way to get the job done.

Theo Riddick DET RB

Riddick has proven to be a dynamic fantasy friendly option as of late. Last week, he had just 4 rushing attempts for 13 yards but had 8 receptions for 70 yards. What I find more interesting is the surge in carries Riddick had when he last played Minnesota in week 9. He had his season high then with 14 attempts for 70 yards and saw 70% of the team’s snaps that week. Though Riddick was limited in practice this week with a nagging ankle injury, I would guess they’re limitations were to rest him in prep for short turnaround. So long as he gets the green light to start, Riddick should have a good game at home against the Vikings.

Adam Theilen MIN WR
Stefan Diggs missing practice this week due to a knee injury has me looking for backups, and here we find Adam Theilen. Who? Not a fancy pick, but hopefully a fun sneaky one. Theilen has had a touchdown in each of his last 2 games, and is second on the team in targets and yards behind Diggs. Logically this puts him in perfect position to snatch up more targets if Diggs misses this game. Detroit has allowed 22 passing touchdowns this season which is just gravy on top of this friendly matchup. (I need to stop with the food references, I’m getting hungry.)

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis 

As much as it pains me to say, the Steelers haven’t had the best defense this season, it’s true. Though they had a stellar showing against the Browns last week, that was the Browns. What they do have going for them is a systematic offense that Indy’s defense isn’t likely to bite into. Andrew Luck has also been ruled out of this game giving Scott Tolkien the start. Expecting Indy to have a run heavy game here. Gore is the sole beneficiary of this workload and their receiving core has dropped in my rankings with the QB shift. This all being said I’m not looking to use any Colts in the flex position.

Eli Rogers PIT WR
According to Pro Football Focus, the Colts are ranked last in pass coverage so it’s an obvious choice to pick a Pittsburgh receiver for a PPR flex spot. Apart from last week’s underwhelming numbers, Rogers had 86% of the teams snaps in week 10 and 67% in week 9. The weak Colts defense is what has me most intrigued. Rogers is a risky deep league option, but not a bad one.

I live in Long Beach, CA. Absolutely obsessed with Fantasy, been playing for over 7 years and there is no end in sight. I'm a graphic designer for Sports Research, a health & fitness company. When I'm not writing I can be found at the gym, as I've gotten really into fitness. This year I competed in 2 bikini competitions, a very rewarding experience full of glitter to balance out all the football talk.

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