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As a football community, we were treated to an absolutely stunning Sunday of NFL football. Chiefs – Panthers and Broncos – Saints at 1 pm. Cowboys – Steelers at the 4 pm slot. Finally, a Super Bowl 49 rematch, Seahawks – Patriots with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski being the ones stopped at the 1-yard line late in the game. And of course being one of the greatest Sunday’s I remember, a ton of things happened, so let’s get right to it.

Nomo Tony Romo

I’ve been believing that Dak Prescott should be the Cowboys starter for the rest of his career since Week 5 where he led the Cowboys past Cincinnati in an efficient fashion. That belief has been confirmed as much as could ever be until Jerry Jones comes out stating that Prescott will start. Prescott led a game-winning drive with 0:47 seconds, hitting 2 key throws to Cole Beasley and Jason Witten. Zeke Elliott capped off the drive with a fantastic 32-yard rushing TD. Prescott completed 69 % of his 32 passes for 319 yards and 2 TDs while averaging 10 yards per attempt. For the rest of the season, Prescott should be a Top 10 QB, but the more intriguing question is his long-term prospects.

Dak Prescott is a Top 5 dynasty QB after Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Marcus Mariota, and Russell Wilson. I love the way that Prescott can rush around the goal line, but also pull the rock back and sling it to the amazing assortment of Cole Beasley, Jason Witten, and someone named Dez Bryant. Prescott won’t ever be like Newton, Mariota, and Wilson in terms of rushing, but he can be a 600 yard and 6 TD rusher regularly. Buy Dak now if you want him in dynasty because he is just going to shoot up in price, just don’t sell him.

The Vikings Are No Longer A Defense To Be Scared Of

This has been a brewing theme over the last 4 weeks after the Vikings destroyed the pitiful Texans offense. Against the Eagles, Bears, Lions, and Redskins, the Vikings have started to crack allowing 21, 20, 22, and 26 points respectively. Jordan Howard showcased the cracks in the run defense on a Monday night where he ran for 153 yards and a TD on 26 carries. Theo Riddick carried on the new tradition by rushing 14 times for 70 yards the next week and passing the torch off to Rob Kelley who went for 97 yards on 22 touches. Kirk Cousins was, however, the first QB in that four-week stretch to go for over 250 yards, passing for 262 yards and 2 TDs.

With matchups coming up with David Johnson, Theo Riddick, and Ezekiel Elliott coming up, the time is now to sell the Vikings low and take what you can.

Oh, My DeAndre!

So what if I told you that DeAndre Hopkins had 1/2 of his team’s targets in Week 10? You’d be ecstatic! Especially if I said he had 13 targets.

Then, what if I told you that Brock Osweiler was his QB? It’s okay, I’ll wait for you to get back from puking in the toilet.

But wait! Nuk had nearly 1/2 his team’s yardage, so he had a monster game!

Well actually, Osweiler only completed 14 of 27 passes for 99, not even 100, yards. Therefore, Hopkins had 13 targets for a paltry 48 yards.

Okay then, maybe it was just a one-week thing, Nuk will bounce back. He’s an elite talent, right?

Well, heading into Week 9 Hopkins was the WR 33 and definitely didn’t move up after his disastrous Week 10.

What do ya do then? Well, this is the definition of a sell – low in redraft and frankly, you can probably get more than WR33 value for so you get as much as you can. That’s in redraft, though, because you can’t sell such a young player (24 years old) who has shown elite production in dynasty for peanuts. I am holding Hopkins in all dynasty formats but will look to sell in the offseason when his value rebounds.

Marvel At Kenny Britt’s Success

DeAndre Hopkins wants to be Kenny Britt or have his QB. Britt was, very quietly, the WR21 heading into Week 9 and he added onto that with a 7 for 109 performance while picking on Darrelle Revis. Honestly, in redraft, Hopkins for Britt is a switch I would make. Britt is unquestionably the Rams’ best offensive weapon, until they can figure out how to use Todd Gurley, and has been heavily relied on by Case Keenum. Despite only ranking 23rd in the NFL in receptions with 44, Britt is 10th in yards (693 yards) and 10th in air yards, which is how many of Britt’s yards occur through the air, a stat that is very effective when predicting WR success. Britt has been very good, with 75 yards or a TD in 5 of the last 6 games. Britt remains a WR 2 based off of his weekly matchup.

Jimmy Graham Playing Like It’s 2014

Well, at least before he ran into a Bill Belichick bear trap. The Patriots seemingly schemed to shut down Graham as opposed to Doug Baldwin and succeeded in locking him down. Regardless, coming into the week, Graham was the TE 2 overall behind Greg Olsen without recording more than 3 receptions in a game until Week 3. Through 9 games played, Graham has 6 games with 4 or more receptions, 4 games with more than 85 yards, and two games with a TD. Graham’s resurgence from a torn patella tendon has been nothing short of stunning, especially with how Victor Cruz’s health plummeted after his injury. Graham would be a ‘buy – high’ in both redraft and dynasty as a 29-year-old without a major injury history other than the patella tendon injury.

Rob Gronkowski Punctured Lung

Ian Rapoport reported late Monday afternoon that Rob Gronkowski possibly suffered a punctured lung and is likely to miss 1 game. This situation doesn’t need much diving into. Gronk missed 5 plays after taking a mind-boggling shot from Earl Thomas where the injury probably occurred. The Patriots have the best 2nd string TE in the game in Martellus Bennett and head to face the San Francisco 49ers in Week 11. Lock Bennett in as a top 3 TE and start him everywhere.

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