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Week 12 Flex Favorites

Week 12 Flex Favorites

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all! And Happy Week 12 Flex Favorites! Hopefully, everyone had a lovely time stuffing their faces and drinking away the time with family. Myself I had a wonderful day filled with overeating and drinking with my hilarious family. Grateful as always for how fun they are and that every year they give up a little more on asking me how dating is going and instead ask me more about football. Just lovely.

AS far as fantasy goes some playoffs have begun while some are still in the hunt. As always I’ll do my best to filter through the matchups for you and find you some Flex worthy starters. If you’re already down after Thursday’s games, like myself, Dak how could you do this to me? And looking to roll the dice, I’ll have a few picks for you as well.

Martavis Bryant (PPR)
The Steelers play host to the Packers on Sunday in what should be an interesting matchup. This week we found out that Juju Smith-Schuster would be out with a hamstring injury. I’m convinced all NFL players need to take yoga at least 3 times a week to combat these weak ass hamstrings that plague our valuable starters. I take yoga regularly and the last trainer I had said my hamstrings were the strongest he’d seen on someone my size. He said it was hard to believe I lead a desk job with such strong hamstrings. I’ve digressed.

With Schuster out, the kicking and screaming Martavis Bryant will look to get the attention he’s been seeking. Smith played 67 of 71 snaps in week 11 while Bryant played 45. This seems like a logical spot for the Steelers to work the maligned wideout back into the rotation. Now factor the juiciest of all matchups against a Packer D that is 23rd in pass DVOA and allows the seventh most fantasy points to the position and you have a low-key flex option that can win you a week. 

Mohammed Sanu (PPR & Standard)
Atlanta will play host to Tampa Bay and their terrible defense. The Bucs are in the bottom 10 in the league when it comes to pass defense. Additionally, they’re in the bottom four when it comes to yards, completion percentage, and touchdowns allowed to the deep ball. More specifically, they rank 2nd in most yards and touchdowns allowed to the slot position.

With that, I believe Sanu will be a healthy flex option. He continues to have more consistency in the red zone than Julio Jones with a 66% completion percentage within the 20 while Jones sits at a 27%. Within the 10, Sanu is at 100% completion with 5 for 5  and Jones sits at 42.86% (7 targets and just 3 receptions). Julio could and should see big numbers as well, but I really like the potential floor here for Sanu. Don’t second guess yourself if you have Sanu, it’s a strong matchup here.

Robby Anderson (PPR & Standard)
Personally, I’ve never been too excited to talk about the Jets. Probably due to the years of conditioning that nothing positive comes from the Jets offense. However, the Jets have not been all that awful this year. Robby Anderson has lead the offense in targets (64), yards (568) and touchdowns (5) for the season. As their best playmaker, you can see how fantasy value can be found in him against Carolina’s beatable corners. Plus they’ll likely be playing catch up against Cam’s high powered offense.

Anderson is not a complete dart throw. He’s averaged 11.6 PPR points in the past 5 games as well as 69.5 yards. Additionally, he’s had a touchdown in each of his last four games. There has been consistency for Anderson, which ups his floor. As their most dynamic player, he will be leading the offensive charge.

Kenny Stills (PPR)
The Miami Dolphins fly into New England to take on the defending the Super Bowl champs. That sounds pretty daunting. This very well could be an ass whooping. It also could be a case where the Pats see the chance to reign it in, and to save their best for the real playoff push as they’re already 8-2. Unfortunately, only Belichick knows the answer to that.

What we do know, is that the Dolphins’ leading receiver flops with whoever starts at QB. Jay Cutler appears to have a stronger rapport with Devante Parker while Matt Moore looks to Kenny Stills. Both receivers line up behind Jarvis Landry on the depth chart. However, the numbers tell an interesting story. Kenny Stills ranks second in targets (64) and touchdowns (5), while Landry leads the team in those categories with 107 targets and six touchdowns. Where he beats Landry is in total yardage with 588 to 567. What this tells us, is when Stills hits, he hits in a big way due to his big play ability. Landry, however, is a technical route runner who is employed out of the slot within the firth five yards. Knowing Matt Moore will get the start while Jay Cutler recovers from the concussion protocol, my gut says Stills has the highest ceiling (but with a slightly less favorable matchup against Malcolm Butler), while Landry has the lower ceiling but with a great floor ( with a great matchup against Jonathan Jones or Eric Rowe). I consider myself a gambler and will role the dice in hopes of another smash week for Stills. 

Corey Davis (PPR)
The Titans travel to Indianapolis to take on the Colts, who have allowed the 3rd most yards and rank 27th in pass DVOA according to Football Outsiders. It’s not a headline to say, teams’ have been able to capitalize on a weak Colts secondary. However, it is a dart throw to say this will be Corey Davis’ definitive breakout game.

If you have rostered Corey Davis it’s because you know he came into the season as one of the top prospects with star potential. In his last 3 seasons at Western Michigan, Davis topped 1400 receiving yards each season and was the NCAA’s all-time leader in career receiving yards (5,285). Unfortunately, he did not participate in the Combine or Pro Day due to a serious ankle injury (2 torn ligaments). After getting the all clear to head into the 2017 season, Davis was sidelined with a hamstring injury. Damn hamstrings, yoga kids, just take yoga. He was finally able to return in week 9 and we’ve been in watch and see mode. He’s faced some decent defenses and Mariota has not exactly been himself. As this is week 12 and Davis is back in full swing, this is the chance, this is the matchup he could break out on. If you’re not ready to roll him in your league, I don’t see the harm in trying him at flex in DFS. Nothing left to lose? Just go for it, roll the dice.

I live in Long Beach, CA. Absolutely obsessed with Fantasy, been playing for over 7 years and there is no end in sight. I'm a graphic designer for Sports Research, a health & fitness company. When I'm not writing I can be found at the gym, as I've gotten really into fitness. This year I competed in 2 bikini competitions, a very rewarding experience full of glitter to balance out all the football talk.

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