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Week 14 Snap Counts and Opportunities: RBs

joe mixon week 14 snap counts

Running backs can’t score fantasy points if they aren’t on the field, so this weekly article will provide impressions by analyzing snap counts, percentages, and touches. Here we go with the Week 14 snap counts and opportunities for running backs.

If you are reading this post, that means you likely advanced in your playoff match-up or had a bye. Congratulations! I hope this article helped you succeed in 2019. Now, let’s finish the season strong and get some #TFAChampionships!

Fantasy football is all about opportunity, and the NFL players who have higher snap counts have a higher probability of scoring more fantasy points. I provide fantasy football snap counts here with some context and impressions to help you make fantasy transactions and gain an edge on your competition. Looking at context will involve analyzing carries and targets and whether running backs were able to convert opportunity to yards gained. Be sure to also read our other redraft content and listen to the TFA podcast to get all the info you need!

Since it’s fantasy playoff time, I going to get straight to the point. If you have any questions or want a follow-up, reach out to me on Twitter (@NateHenryFF)!

Fantasy Football Snap Counts and Reactions

Arizona Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 David Johnson 37% 14% 3 2 53
RB2 Chase Edmonds 8% 8% 1 2 9
RB3 Kenyon Drake 65% -15% 11 3 67

Drake continued to play the most, but he ceded some passing work to Johnson and Edmonds. Drake is still the only startable RB in this backfield, but his grip on the passing work is slipping.

Atlanta Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Devonta Freeman 67% 0% 17 4 94
RB2 Brian Hill 19% -7% 9 0 62

Brian Hill stole the occasional carry, but this is still very much Freeman’s backfield. Freeman’s numbers look decent, but when considering the opponent (Carolina – worst run defense), you were hoping for more. Atlanta gets the 49ers next week, so see if you can find a better option.

Baltimore Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Mark Ingram 55% 0% 15 3 79
RB2 Gus Edwards 33% -5% 4 0 20
RB3 Justice Hill 10% 4% 3 0 8

Nothing surprising here in Baltimore. Mark Ingram has been good – not great – for a few weeks now, but with Lamar Jackson nursing an injury, I’d expect the Ravens to lean more on Ingram in Week 15.

Buffalo Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Frank Gore 19% -3% 4 0 6
RB2 Devin Singletary 81% 3% 17 8 118

There is no doubt that the reins of the Buffalo backfield have been passed to Singletary. Singletary’s playing time and opportunity numbers are elite and constantly expanding. Singletary added decent efficiency even against a strong Baltimore defense. Play him with confidence even though his opponent in Week 15 is another tough one (PIT).

Carolina Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Christian McCaffery 99% 0% 11 12 135

It’s not often you see a RB1 get more targets than hand-offs, but McCaffery is not your average running back.

Chicago Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 David Montgomery 64% 2% 20 1 86
RB2 Tarik Cohen 47% -8% 3 6 31

Montgomery continues to pile up mediocre fantasy production. However, the Bears offense has been much better lately, with Trubisky playing far better as well. That bodes well for Montgomery as he might be able to fall into the endzone a bit more often.

Cincinnati Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Joe Mixon 59% -20% 23 4 186
RB2 Giovani Bernard 40% 20% 4 3 46

Mixon had a huge day on what looks like limited usage, but 60% snap share is actually pretty close to his season average. The rushing efficiency is probably noisy given the opponent, but he has been very good lately. Roll him out with confidence again in Week 15 against the Patriots because the Bengals’ offense has been much better with Dalton back under center.

Cleveland Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Nick Chubb 70% 11% 15 1 117
RB2 Kareem Hunt 62% -3% 9 3 68

Lots of two-back sets in Cleveland again. Chubb is clearly losing passing game work to Hunt, but Chubb’s rushing efficiency keeps him as a strong play rest of season.

Dallas Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Ezekiel Elliott 99% 11% 19 5 93
RB2 Tony Pollard 0% -14% 0 0 0

Without Pollard, Zeke handled everything.

Denver Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Phillip Lindsay 53% 9% 16 2 55
RB2 Royce Freeman 46% -10% 8 2 32

The Broncos look a bit better with Drew Lock playing QB, but neither of these running backs is going to win you a championship. You either have to play Lindsay this week or you have a better option by now.

Detroit Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Ty Johnson 30% 8% 2 1 10
RB2 JD McKissic 23% -24% 1 4 18
RB3 Bo Scarborough 48% 48% 19 3 70

Scarborough actually saw a few targets, but this offense is a mess with the third string QB. Hopefully, you have someone else. TB’s elite run defense is next up for Scarborough and company, so pivot if you can.

Green Bay Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Aaron Jones 58% 0% 16 7 192
RB2 Jamaal Williams 42% 0% 7 1 24

A lot of fuss has been made by those around GB about Aaron Jones lately, but his snap counts haven’t increased much. However, his passing game involvement has, which makes him an RB1 rest of season.

Houston Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Duke Johnson 52% -16% 1 8 44
RB2 Carlos Hyde 51% 13% 14 3 78

Even in a game where Houston was trailing by multiple scores early, Duke didn’t play as much as we’d expect.

Indianapolis Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Jordan Wilkins 14% -30% 1 0 1
RB2 Nyheim Hines 56% 13% 4 5 25
RB3 Marlon Mack 41% 41% 13 0 38

Marlon Mack returned, but Indy played a shootout with the Bucs, leading to increased playing time for Nyheim Hines. I’d expect more snap counts and carries for Mack this week. Mack’s complete lack of passing game involvement is notable, but that is nothing new. Mack gets fantasy points through rushing efficiency and touchdowns. The Colts offense has taken a step back after losing Hilton, Campbell, Ebron, and Rogers, so start him with trepidation against the Saints.

Jacksonville Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Leonard Fournette 77% -12% 15 6 63
RB2 Ryquell Armstead 23% 12% 2 2 7

Fournette’s usage came down a bit. The Jags have been eliminated from playoff contention, so they might lessen his load in these last few meaningless games. The Chargers were way ahead in this one, so the team may have made the decision to protect Fournette from injury because winning in Week 14 quickly became a lost cause. No reason not to start Fourtnette in Week 15 against the Raiders though.

Kansas City Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Darwin Thompson 27% -9% 4 5 43
RB2 LeSean McCoy 31% -5% 11 3 43
RB3 Spencer Ware 40% 40% 5 2 2

Spencer Ware, fresh off the street, jumped right into the Damien Williams/Darrell Williams role. He wasn’t particularly efficient, but he was used in high-leverage situations because the coaching staff trusts him. Until Damien Williams returns from injury, I can’t advise you to play any KC RB.

LA Chargers Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Austin Ekeler 49% -4% 8 5 213
RB2 Melvin Gordon 46% -19% 12 5 84

Holy Austin Ekeler. You have to start him next week, but close your eyes when you hit submit because his usage numbers normally wouldn’t suggest calling him an “auto-start”. He’s just been too good to bench. He likely got you here, so ride it out. Gordon’s numbers are still elite as well, so no need to worry about Ekeler’s crazy outburst.

LA Rams Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Todd Gurley 80% 12% 23 4 113
RB2 Malcolm Brown 20% -3% 5 0 21
RB3 Darrell Henderson 0% -9% 0 0 0

Gurley has been very involved the last two weeks – a concerted effort by Sean McVay to give Jared Goff play-action and bootlegs. Goff has responded with two nice games. That means that Gurley is an RB1 again next week.

Miami Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Patrick Laird 82% 22% 15 5 86

Honestly, Laird is playing enough to warrant consideration in your starting lineup. Miami plays NYG next week, so it’s not a horrible play. Probably more of a DFS decision, however.

Minnesota Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Dalvin Cook 47% 3% 18 2 75
RB2 Alexander Mattison 37% -12% 14 2 64

Minnesota clearly limited Cook’s snap counts after the Week 14 injury scare, but they didn’t really limit his opportunity (20 touches). Minnesota was in complete control of this game against the Lions at home, so the lowered playing time might have been a product of playing a terrible, terrible opponent. The good news is that Cook got through Week 14 without aggravating the injury. He’s a solid play in Week 15.

New England Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Sony Michel 13% -4% 5 1 9
RB2 James White 61% -17% 6 7 60
RB3 Rex Burkhead 27% 22% 7 1 15

Sony Michel is a total bust and droppable in redraft formats. I realize that Michel plays Cincinnati this week, and his best games have come against inferior opponents. However, the NE offense as a whole has been awful meaning that I don’t think NE blows out the Bengals. Dropping Michel is one of those savvy moves that causes some other team to pick him up because of the name and subsequently regret it. Michel’s floor is so low that you cannot seriously consider starting him even in a good match-up. I just dropped Michel in one of my leagues, and I don’t regret it one bit. James White is the only NE RB you can consider playing week-to-week.

New Orleans Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Alvin Kamara 76% -6% 13 6 43
RB2 Latavius Murray 33% 7% 7 3 94

Speaking of busts, Alvin Kamara has to be a name you think of when considering 2019’s biggest. He doesn’t look right – maybe a health issue? He still has strong snap counts, so you have to keep rolling him out there if you somehow survived a round one match-up while playing Kamara.

NY Giants Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Saquon Barkley 94% -2% 17 4 67

Barkley played a bit better with Eli – still he’s been a huge disappointment in 2019.

NY Jets Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Le’Veon Bell 0% 0% 0 0 0
RB2 Bilal Powell 79% 64% 19 3 84
RB3 Ty Montgomery 32% 25% 9 3 61

Bell returns for Week 15 and Powell got hurt, so nothing to glean from Week 15’s data.

Oakland Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Josh Jacobs 0% -57% 0 0 0
RB2 Jalen Richard 38% 18% 7 3 46
RB3 DeAndre Washington 63% 38% 14 7 96

DeAndre Washington is the clear Jacobs replacement if Jacobs is forced to miss any further time.

Philadelphia Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Miles Sanders 56% -31% 15 5 69
RB2 Boston Scott 44% 44% 10 6 128
RB3 Jay Ajayi 6% -7% 2 0 5

Miles Sanders disappointed against a weak opponent, and Doug Peterson noticed and pivoted to Boston Scott. Sanders ran without any vision, whereas Boston Scott showed some burst. Between Jordan Howard potentially returning and a bigger role for Boston Scott, I would not recommend playing Miles Sanders in Week 15.

Pittsburgh Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Jaylen Samuel 47% -8% 7 2 34
RB2 Trey Edmunds 5% 0% 0 1 7
RB3 Benny Snell 40% 3% 16 0 41

James Conner scheduled to return in Week 15, so again, all this data is likely moot.

Seattle Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Chris Carson 82% 30% 15 4 91
RB2 Rashaad Penny 1% -46% 0 1 16

Penny was hurt on the first play of the game, and he is out for the year. Chris Carson is going to be a great fantasy running back for the remainder of the season. He should see huge snap counts and opportunity.

San Francisco Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Matt Breida 18% 18% 6 1 58
RB2 Tevin Coleman 16% -2% 3 0 6
RB3 Raheem Mostert 60% -14% 10 2 109

Even after the return of Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert received huge playing time and delivered. For two weeks in a row, Mostert has leapfrogged Coleman. I’d expect 50%+ snap counts in Week 15 against a poor Falcons defense. Giddyup!

Tampa Bay Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Peyton Barber 38% -1% 11 2 53
RB2 Ronald Jones 35% 7% 11 2 59
RB3 Dare Ogunbowale 29% -1% 0 5 48

This backfield continues to be murky. They play the Lions in Week 15, so start Ronald Jones if you want. There is a possibility that Tampa relies on the running game more without Mike Evans and with Jameis playing hurt, but that doesn’t mean Ronald Jones will play more than 33% of the time. His floor is too low for me even though the narrative makes sense.

Tennessee Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Derrick Henry 60% -15% 18 1 109
RB2 Dion Lewis 39% 21% 9 1 31

My goodness, Derrick Henry is a monster. I called Henry a sell earlier this year, and that was a whiff. I didn’t expect Tennessee to suddenly become the most efficient offense in the league once Ryan Tannehill became the starter. Oh well, if you have him keep him rolling!

Washington Snaps  +/- Carries Targets Total Yards
RB1 Adrian Peterson 43% 7% 20 0 76
RB2 Derrius Guice 14% -16% 5 0 42
RB3 Chris Thompson 40% 4% 0 8 43

Guice got injured, so Peterson is a decent play for the rest of the season. They get Philly in Week 15, so I wouldn’t expect big things. Play him only if you are desperate, but there aren’t too many RB guaranteed to get 20+ touches.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Kenyan Drake lost passing game work and does not appear to be the all-around workhorse we saw just a couple of weeks ago.
  • Devin Singletary’s role in Buffalo continues to expand; even in a tough matchup in Week 15, he should be in your lineup.
  • No Kansas City RB is usable in fantasy until Damien Williams returns
  • Fournette’s playing time decreased, which may be the result of Jacksonville being eliminated from playoff contention
  • Todd Gurley is seeing a ton of opportunity after Goff’s struggles; that expanded usage should continue
  • Minnesota limited Dalvin Cook’s snap counts against the Lions but not his usage. He should be a fine play in Week 15 after showing no further injury concerns
  • Sony Michel is droppable
  • DeAndre Washington is Josh Jacobs’ backup, not Jalen Richard
  • Boston Scott might have passed Miles Sanders on the depth chart
  • Raheem Mostert still saw huge snap counts (for a SF RB that is) even after Breida returned. Tevin Coleman is droppable

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