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Week 5 Fantasy Forecast

Week 5 Fantasy Forecast

Congratulations!  You’ve made it through the first quarter of the NFL season.  You’ve weathered the storm thus far, hopefully seeing more sunny days than not.  Whether you’re a bright 4-0, a gloomy 0-4 or somewhere in the middle, tomorrow is a new day for your fantasy team.  That’s where the Fantasy Forecast comes in.  Here’s your look at the extended forecast for the next month.  Spoiler Alert: This week is very RB and TE heavy. Now is time for Week 5 Fantasy Forecast!


Low Pressure (Buy Low)

Devonta Freeman
Next 4 Opponents: BYE, MIA, @NE, @NYJ
You’re never going to get Freeman on the cheap, but this is perhaps the least expensive he will be in a while.  Going into a bye week, the Falcons are fresh off of a disappointing performance for their offense.  A performance that saw Tevin Coleman re-emerge as a threat for touches.  Get Freeman now, if you can absorb the bye.  Then reap the rewards of a soft schedule to round out October.

Kyle Rudolph
Next 4 Opponents: @CHI, GB, BAL, @CLE
Rudolph has struggled without Bradford at the helm of Minnesota’s offense.  The next two weeks aren’t particularly favorable either with two tough divisional games.  However, Bradford should return (eventually) and in Weeks 7 and 8 the schedule opens up with the Ravens and Browns who are giving up the 5th and 2nd most fantasy points to TEs respectively.  If you’re in need of a TE, you could do a lot worse than Rudolph.

Clear Skies (Favorable Schedule)

Antonio Gates & Hunter Henry
Next 4 Opponents: @NYG, @OAK, DEN, @NE
Good news! Taking advantage of this info will be very cheap.  It is possible that Gates, Henry or both are available on your waiver wire.  Both are more than talented enough to take advantage of their schedule in which they take on teams that have given up the most fantasy points to TEs, the 11th most, 7th most and 4th most over the next 4 weeks.

Cold Front (Tough Schedule)

Zach Ertz
Next 4 Opponents: AZ, @CAR, WAS, SF
First of all, don’t get crazy and bail on Ertz.  He’s still the #1 TE in fantasy football at the moment.  However, you should temper your expectations in the coming weeks.  He faces three top 5 defenses in defending against TEs, in Arizona, Carolina and San Francisco.  Though he does have an oasis, as Washington is giving up the 3rd most points to the position.

Chains Required (Tough Schedule*)

Cameron Brate & O.J. Howard
Next 4 Opponents: NE, @AZ, @BUF, CAR
The asterisk indicates that the icy road is coming for these TEs but you still have time to stop and prepare.  This week they get the Patriots who are giving up points to all comers.  However, after that, you’ll want to bust out the chains or get out of the car altogether.  Arizona and Carolina are top 5 defenses as previously discussed and that trip up North to Buffalo isn’t a breeze either: they are still a top 10 defense themselves.

Evacuation Warning (Sell/Cut)

Isaiah Crowell
Next 4 Opponents: NYJ, @HOU, TEN, MIN
If you want Crowell off of your roster right now, I don’t blame you.  He’s averaged less than 10 carries per week over the last 3 weeks and hasn’t rushed for more than 45 yards in a game this season.  However, if you’re trying to sell him you won’t find a buyer right now.  My advice is to hold him through one more favorable matchup and then bail.  After the Jets, who have given up the 3rd most points to RBs in the league, Crowell faces Houston and Minnesota in 2 of the next 3 weeks.  Both of whom are top 5 rush defenses.

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