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Week 6 Defense Streamers

Week 6 Defense Streamers

The boys are back to hit you with their Week 6 Defense Streamers article. Ben, Robby, and Nate give you their favorite D/ST streamers for the week. Make sure you also check out Nate’s Week 5 Recap for a quick but super helpful recap of the games from Thursday & Sunday.


Ben – Washington Football Team (ESPN Rostered %: 6.9)

After two weeks in a row of choosing the D/ST that was facing off against the Jets, I decided to give it a rest and go with a different matchup (you can still stream the Dolphins though, FYI). This week I’m rolling with the Washington Football Team’s defense to pick on a different New York team: the New York Giants. I know they’ve had some bad injury luck, but there’s no way around it, the Giants have been bad this season. Fantasy defenses against the Giants have put up an average of 14 points and I expect this game to be more of the same. Washington’s secondary may not be stellar, but neither is the Giants’ passing offense. I expect another tough outing for the Giants offense.


Robby – Miami Dolphins (ESPN Rostered %: 1.7)

Well, Ben left the defensive play of the week for me. This Miami defense finally got healthy in Week 5 and it showed. They had three turnovers, five sacks, and only gave up 17 points to the 49ers. In Week 6, they get either Joe Flacco or Sam Darnold and it honestly doesn’t make a difference for me. With both Xavien Howard and Byron Jones healthy at the cornerback position, it will be hard for the Jets to move the ball through the air. Expect another good outing from Miami as they top the Week 6 Defense Streamers list.


Nate – New York Giants (ESPN Rostered %: 1.3)

The Giants are a bad defense, but they do one thing pretty well: pressure the quarterback. Meanwhile, they are playing a Washington Football Team that is awful at protecting the quarterback. Remember my mantra for a good streaming defense: home team defense playing an opponent that gives up sacks. Add to that mantra a low over/under, which this game also has at 44. The Giants look even better as a streaming option if Alex Smith starts because he looked like a statue. He’s a feel good story, but that terrible injury completely sapped his mobility. The Giants could get 5+ sacks if Smith plays instead of Allen. 

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