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Week 8 Defense Streamers

Week 8 Defense Streamers

We are chugging along to Week 8 as the injuries and bye weeks continue to make streaming a fun challenge. Ben, Nate, and Robby have you covered in this week’s edition. Let’s jump right into our Week 8 Defense Streamers.

*Note: If you’re looking for a full waiver resource – check out the video at the end of this article.


Ben – Los Angeles Chargers (ESPN Roster %: 37.9%)

This week I’m rolling out the Los Angeles Chargers DST to once again pick on the Broncos. The Chargers defense hasn’t been spectacular this season but they’ve been a relatively consistent and safe option to roll out. On the other side of the ball this week is the Denver Broncos, who have also been consistent; they have allowed 12+ fantasy points to opposing defenses every week for the past five weeks. As I mentioned last week when I chose the Chiefs DST, the Broncos have been plagued with injuries and the offense has yet to click. I don’t expect that to change this week and as a result, I’m firing up the Chargers defense. 


Nate – New Orleans Saints (ESPN Roster %: 42.4%)

There are two clear streamers this week: Kansas City and Philadelphia (which both follow my mantra). But, both have an ESPN roster percentage over 60%. So, before you read any further check whether Kansas City or Philadelphia is available. Outside them, this is a tough week for streaming defenses, so I am going to have to pick a road team. I personally think that the Bears offense is mediocre at best, so New Orleans can probably generate a turnover or two and hold the score down. I don’t love it, but it’s viable in a pinch. 


Robby – Cleveland Browns (ESPN Roster %: 50.4%)

The Browns are just slightly over our 50% threshold, but I feel there are enough leagues that might still have them available for a solid D/ST streamer. The Browns defense, and secondary in particular, has been injured for most of this season. However, they are beginning to get healthy again. The Raiders wouldn’t be described as a lethal offense by many and this Browns’ defense can cause turnovers as they average two per game. They aren’t a slam dunk, but if you are in a pinch, I think they can get six to eight points.


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