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Week 9 Fantasy Football Buy and Sell

Welcome back to fantasy football buy and sell. The NFL trade deadline is quickly approaching on October 31st, but fantasy trade deadlines pass later in the season. There’s still plenty of time to improve your roster. It’s a time when owners are more open to trading as everyone feels a similar sense of anxiousness about their final playoff roster. 

Here are some more players to consider involving in your roster renovation.


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Dalvin Cook (RB, MIN)

Dalvin Cook’s stock can’t really get any lower. It appears that Cook will be sidelined until Week 11. The Dalvin Cook owner in your league is likely finito in his relationship with him. So, Cook represents a buy-low opportunity for teams in good position to hold him on their bench until the playoff push. Cook is a great talent and represents a late season boost to your team when healthy given his rushing and receiving ability. Undoubtedly Murray has earned some involvement, but I believe when Cook is healthy he would dominate touches out of the backfield. The Cook owner just might have been pushed over the edge with the surprise inactives over the past few weeks. You can probably capitalize on their despair and get solid value for him. 

Evan Engram (TE, NYG)

Evan Engram had one good fantasy game in 2018. He missed multiple weeks with an injury and then had just two catches for 14 yards since his return. Engram is an extremely talented pass-catcher and finished as TE5 last season. He can definitely be acquired cheaply right now as the Engram owner likely has another tight end on his roster by now anyway.

If Engram is sitting on a bench in your league, offer a bench player and sit on Engram. Wait for him to increase production. After their bye week, Engram has SF, TB and IND, with Indy in Week 16 during the fantasy championship. If the Giants want their offense to improve, they will surely need to include Engram. He is a low-risk acquisition because of his price.

Marquise Goodwin (WR, SF)

Featured in Week 1 as a sell, Goodwin now seems like a player worth looking into as a trade target. The sell in the early part of the season was definitely the correct call. Goodwin amassed only 44 fantasy points (half PPR) in the first seven weeks (27 in one game). He was plagued by injury in the beginning of the year and has since lost his starting QB lowering his value drastically.

We saw a resurgence two weeks ago and then another dud this week from Goodwin. C.J. Beathard has looked good in relief of Jimmy G. Goodwin still has a chance to recover his season with performances half as good as the one against the Packers. Owners can acquire Goodwin for almost nothing considering his background situation, but he offers a weekly boom play.


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Calvin Ridley (WR, ATL)

The rookie wideout from Alabama got off to a blazing start after Week 1 averaging 23.7 points (Half PPR) in Weeks 2-5. Since then he has averaged 6.3 points in the past three weeks and slid comfortably behind Julio Jones. No surprise there. Julio Jones is second in the NFL in receiving yards, which makes Ridley that much more unreliable week in and week out. Apart from his massive 146 yard, three TD game in Week 3, Ridley has not had more than 65 receiving yards in a single game. He is still a player that can be sold higher than what he is worth because of name value. Flip him for someone who may produce a little more consistently, as he has not had double-digit performance in the last three weeks.

Le’Veon Bell (RB, PIT)

The Le’Veon Bell drama continues. The word was that he was returning during the bye week for Week 8 preparation. That didn’t happen. He has not shown up to Steelers facilities, but the sentiment around the league is that he will return to the Steelers after the trade deadline. Bell wants to ensure that he does not get traded. This sounds very likely given that he is losing money and on-field value with the emergence of James Conner. So why sell Bell now if he is returning?

Because his fantasy value is increasing as his return becomes more and more imminent. People believe he is going to come right in and be the second best fantasy player once again. That scenario is not as likely now with James Conner playing so well. At the very least, Conner should be involved enough to take away value from Bell.  So why not sell him for more pieces since you’ve made it this far without him? If someone thinks he is going to be typical Bell upon return that might be a trade scenario worth looking into. If you think he is going to be typical Bell then this probably doesn’t apply to you.

Be sure to pay close attention to these players among others for fluctuating trade values.

Thanks for reading Week 9 Fantasy Football Buy and Sell! Good luck and check out other great content at The Fantasy Authority all season long.

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