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Week 9 Fantasy Forecast

Week 9 Fantasy Forecast

Welcome to Week 9 Fantasy Forecast.  This is your spot for projections and trends that are expected to play out over the next month.  Using this information will keep you a step ahead on your league mates both on the waiver wire and in trade negotiations.  Without further ado, let’s take a look at what the next month of the regular season has in store.

Clear Skies (Favorable Schedule)

Lamar Miller
Next 4 opponents: IND, @LAR, AZ, @BAL
Lamar Miller is a perfect example of why this report is so important.  His next couple games are in fact sunny with a high chance of fantasy points.  Bask in the glory while you can, because as you can see at the back end of the forecast, Baltimore is looming.  Along with Jacksonville and Pittsburgh on the horizon, means rainy days are coming for Miller.  Don’t miss out on the good matchups while they last.

Rain (Poor Schedule)

Philip Rivers
Next 4 opponents: Bye, @JAX, BUF, @DAL
Usually, rain is a double edge sword for rivers.  They can be tumultuous during the storm but they can be a force to be reconned with afterward as they fill their banks.  Much of the same can be said for Philip Rivers.  His immediate outlook is about as bad as it can get with a bye, Jacksonville, and Buffalo.  However, once the rain stops he closes the season with Cleveland, Washington, Kansas City and the Jets.  Get your high waters ready, but the payoff can be big if you swipe Rivers off waivers in a couple weeks.

Evacuation Warning (Sell ‘High’)

Adrian Peterson 
Next 4 Opponents: @SF, SEA, @HOU, JAX
“Hey, look! A juicy matchup against San Francisco.” Is what you can tell your potential victim trade partner.  But you will know what lurks in the distance.  A storm is coming for Peterson and the Cardinals offense with 3 weeks in a row against best defenses the league has to offer with Seattle, Houston, and Jacksonville.  Keep in mind that Seattle and Houston are much tougher than their current defensive ranks would suggest because of the outlier Week 8 game when they lit each other up on the scoreboard.

Deshaun Watson
Next 4 Opponents: IND, @LAR, AZ, @BAL
This isn’t going to be a popular take, and I want to preface with by saying that Watson is amazing and is certainly a great option at QB.  However, many leagues have trade deadlines fast approaching and you cannot sell a player higher than Watson is right now.  Also, you do not want to be left holding the bag when he faces Baltimore on the road and then Jacksonville and Pittsburgh in the fantasy playoffs.  Get value while you still can, you can reminisce about the good times you had with Watson after you have won your league championship.

Cold Front (Poor Schedule/Buy Low Opportunity)

Corey Davis
Next 4 Opponents: BAL, CIN, @PIT, @IND
Everyone is excited about the return of this highly touted rookie.  But savvy owners will see that this is not the time to sign him off waivers and start him.  Sign him or trade for him in the next couple weeks when things look bleak but then you will have him ready to rock for his end of season run that boasts matchups with the Colts, Texans, Cardinals, 49ers, and Rams.

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