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Top 10 Running Backs Pre-Draft

The top 10 running backs of 2019 may be the most debatable topic in the fantasy football universe. On this episode of The Fantasy Authority Podcast, Anthony Pinzone (@the1andonlypz), Kevin Steele (@fantasywrath13) and Ryan Williams (@RyanAlexander_W) debate their top 10 running backs as the rosters stand right now.

  • Who is in your top 10 running backs that we didn’t include?
  • Which running back are we too high on?
  • Which running back is to low on the list?

Let us know in the comments below!

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I'm the host of The Fantasy Authority podcast, which is awesome because I get to talk fantasy football with a ton of cool people. Occasionally you'll catch an article from me too! Which is why you're seeing this blurb... but don't be shy! Reach out on twitter @the1andonlypz and let's talk.

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